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A local company

Part of the Lumi-O/Innovaplas group active since 1982 in the fields of steps and lights for above ground and in ground pools, InnovaSpa is the market's only Quebec spa manufacturer. Having pioneered the rotomolded 'Plug & Play' spa category since 2008, InnovaSpa now launches its line of acrylic 'Plug & Play' spa OLEXIA.

When you buy an OLEXIA by InnovaSpa, you're not only buying a spa; you're also buying the complete support of a team of experienced technicians. Our service department is always available to answer your technical questions or to service your spa if needed.

The Olexia spa, an exceptional value

With its contemporary ergonomics and a local conception designed to meet the harsh Quebec winters, the OLEXIA is a high quality 4-seasons spa ideal for people wanting to enjoy luxury without compromise. When you get an OLEXIA, you enjoy all the same features and benefits of an expensive spa at a fraction of the cost, making ownership of an OLEXIA an exceptional value.

A choice that makes sense

The OLEXIA spa offers relaxation without the many installation puzzles. The simplicity of the 110 volts connection requires no modification: it plugs into a conventional outlet, so no need for an electrician. In addition, the OLEXIA spa does not require a concrete base for its installation. It can be dropped on a well leveled sandstone surface if you do not want to invest in a concrete base (as per owner's manual).

2257 route 139
Drummondville, QC
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